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          青島山森機械有限公司創建于1986年,前身為青島萊西市三林機械廠,2000年公司搬入新廠區,廠區占地面積30畝,擁有現代化的標準廠房9800平米,工程技術人員18名,職工150多人。技術力量雄厚。2003年與日本Ever Competation 株式會杜聯合生產無潤滑擺動式空氣壓縮機,并注冊“三林”牌商標。2008年8月通過ISO9001國際質量體系認證,同時更名為青島山森機械有限公司。

          QINGDAO SHANSEN MACHINERY CO. LTD was founded in 1986. which is known as LAIXI SANLIN MACHINERY FACTORY.With 20 years of development, We firmly believe that Quality is the foundation of company, honesty and faith is the basis of development.

          Our company covers 9800 square meters, has a modem standard workshop and a complete and scientfic qually management system, 150 employees are well trained and 18 experienced engineers are included.

          In the year of 2003, our company has our own trade mark "SL" ; in August of 2003.our company produced no-lubrication swing compressor. In August of 2008, our company passed ISO9001 international qulty system  certification and changed its name to QINGDAO SHANSEN MACHINERY co.. LTD. and entered into professional production of no-lubrication swing compressor, In the same year, our company imported from Japan 1 horizontal machining center, and 2 vertical machining centers and several CNC lathes.

          For years, our company lays emphasis on product quality. We have advanced processing equipment, perfect testing means and complete testing equipment, imported high-quality material for main parts, professional production line,fine asassembly line as well as complete and perfect laboratory, which ensures accuracy of air compressors.

          Since establishment, we aim to achieve better quality product and serve the customer honestly. So far, our company has been able to effect timely delivery of various types of "SL" brand compressors  according to different requirements of the customers.

          "SL" brand compressors no-lubrication swing compressor can be widely used in various occasions, such as auto industry, shipbuilding industry, cement industry and construction industry and etc. As our "SL" brand compressors need no lubrication in the discharge cylinder, the exhaust gas is pure without color or odor. Thus far our "SL" brand compressors have found wide use in bulk cement tankers, fly ash trucks and pellets teed trucks.

          For better tomorrow, we would like to be your strong backing. working together hand in hand.

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